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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Houdini Hair Systems

Hey everybody,

I know I had said I would be blogging on the polymer gauge controversy this wk but 
I've had a delay in some of my research for this particular subject, so I will save it for next time. I've decided that instead, I will blog about my Houdini Hair systems and what can be done with them. 

I call them Houdini hair systems because they are the ultimate hair illusion. First is the Houdini head cap (shown at top). This item is so amazing! You can wear it alone to change your style or your hair color, to cover up thinning hair, or to make you hair thicker and fuller. Not only that but it also acts as an extension set for the top of your hair. It can be worn with one of our clip in extension sets and helps to blend the top of the hair into the extensions so a person with the shortest hair cut can change their whole look without the discomfort of a full wig. The head cap can also be pulled back into a pony tail. To add even more pizazz you could pull it back with one of our transforming pony tails and wear it in a bun, a twist, a braid or whatever else you can imagine. Designs may be added for even more WOW right onto the top of the cap and no one will ever know it's not some incredibly expensive treatment you got at a salon that you must pay hundreds a month to maintain. All in all the Houdini head cap is one of the most amzingly versatile hair systems you will ever own. The only other would have to be the transforming pony tail- which I will discuss another time. Houdini head caps start at $215 and can go up to $260 depending upon the treatments, if any, you choose to add.

Houdini design pelts (shown right) are 4" across by up to 18" long pelts of human
 hair with awesome designs dyed in. We carry design pelt originals which must be worn under the hair which is then clipped back to reveal your design. Houdini design pelts are different because they can be worn directly on top of the head for all to see clearly. These pelts are a bit more expensive than their original counterparts due to the labor of their construction. You will find them starting at $75 and going up to $90.

Houdini hair streaks are also quit amazing. They are streaks made of human hair which can be worn on the top of the head. Buy them in many different colors and change them everyday. No one will ever know you arem't making constant trips to your local beauty supply for more bleach and dye. These come  1 for $39.99 , 2 for 59.99 or 4 for $79.99.

These are just three of the amazing customizable hair systems designed for the client and  hand made by me. Many of my clients have found that they are all worth the money- now it's your turn!  I will see you all next wk... or possibly sooner. Thank you all for reading and don't forget-  followers receive 10% off through May 1st 2009!