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Thursday, March 19, 2009



I am JP, Owner of JP jewels~it! and I am happy to present to the world my very first blog. I have always had an artistic sense of style and I have been working long and hard to share that sense of style with the rest of the world. I design many forms of wearable art which I then craft into 
reality with my own two hands- nothing is more rewarding to me. Among these items are hair piece
s such as my very own, never before seen Flip'N'Clip transforming pony tail, hair designs,Candied hair, streamers, and my newest line of hair products called Houdini hair systems- all of which you won't find anywhere else. I also work to provide great looking and affordable hair loss solutions for clients with hair loss and victims 
of Cancer. 

My other line of work is Jewelry making. I am a professional metal smith and though silver is my favorite material to work with, I also provide bronze, gold and even polymer or acrylic. I offer all of these mediums so that fellow people of every budget may have a chance to purchase something nice for a loved one or themselves.

All in all my main theme is customization. The idea of customizing your look- trademarking yourself if you will, is so intriguing to me that 
I have made it my life's work to literally customize people. From your hair, to y
our nails, your neck pieces, bracelets, rings, gauges and even your clothing... My company can help customize it all to match! For a birthday, anniversary, wedding, party, or just because - More and more people rely on me to customize their look. 

I am so excited about the invent of this blog! Within it, I hope to be able to give the public a better understanding of what it is I can do for them. I will be, at times featuring other artisans that I admire, perhaps other bloggers. I hope also to share a few projects for fellow artists to try and to spread my creative gift to those who would accept it.  

That is the business for the moment. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or to subscribe and thank you for visiting my blog. Here's to many more posts and zealous followers.



  1. Hi JP. We are friends on Indie...Great start to your blog. I am new to blog creating also. I have learned alot from the Blog Doctor. If you have some time take a visit to my blog KIZZ..DAY TO DAY. and see what you think. your idea of the followers discount and customer referral commission! Good luck and have fun!

  2. I want to thank all of my followers so far. The new blog will be coming out tonight so keep your eyes open for that. it should be pretty interesting!